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Often people ask me 'what is the best diet?' and because there is no  such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all-diet' my answer to this question will always be: 

     The best diet is a healthy balanced diet including a wide variety of food and drinks.

A healthy balanced diet provides sufficient amount of water and nutrients needed by our body in order to run efficiently and helps to prevent us from ill health and diseases. Some nutrients provide energy and others are essential for development and maintenance of our body. Food and drinks provide us with macro and micronutrients in form of: 


Our nutritional requirements are different for each nutrient and vary between all of us depending on our age, gender, level of physical activity and status of health. 
Making sure we consume a wide variety of foods/drinks allows us to get all the nutrients we need according to our individual nutritional requirements. A good guideline to help us get all the nutrients we need and to find the right balance in our diet is
“The Eatwell Guide”

As shown in the picture above, the Eatwell Guide is divided into five segments, including

four main food groups:

(i)   Bread, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta and other starchy foods 
 provide energy in form of carbohydrates, preferably wholegrain/wholemeal varieties; the energy is slowly released throughout the day. 

(ii)  Fruits and Vegetables 
 important source of Vitamins & Minerals but also Fibre.

(iii) Milk and Dairy Products 
 important source of Protein, Vitamins and Calcium.

(iv) Meat, Fish and other alternatives (i.e. Eggs, Beans, Pulses and Nuts) 
 important source of non-dairy proteins.

and one small food group:

(v) Foods and Drinks high in fat and/or sugar (i.e. Sweets, Biscuits/Cakes, Crisps and sugary drinks)
 consume in moderation!! Although they provide high energy – they do NOT provide many nutrients.

A wide variety of foods/drinks in our diet is important because no single food or even food group would be able to provide us with all the nutrients we need. Unless someone suffers from a metabolic disorder and/or is under medical supervision, missing out one or more of the four main food groups should be avoided as it would make it difficult to achieve a good and healthy balance in our diet. And yes, even foods/drinks high in fat and/or sugar may be included in a healthy diet as long as they regarded as treats and are only consumed in small amounts. The Eatwell Plate is appropriate for most people from the age of two years and it is a good guideline to help us find the right balance in our diet even though we all may prefer different types of foods/drinks (for example some may prefer rice over pasta or cabbage over spinach, etc.). The Eatwell Plate provides guidance for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

A balanced diet sourced from a variety of foods and drinks will help us to stay healthy throughout all stages of our lives.

What is a Healthy Balanced Diet?

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